Helping My Dog Face Her Fears

Dogs barking through the fence? No problem. Elevator rides? A piece of cake. A broom leaning against the wall? That’s the scariest thing ever to my dog. I need to help my dog face her fears. Or stop sweeping the floor.

The ONLY Way To Break Through Fear Is…

I’m getting a Master’s Degree in fear. First, we worked with a trainer to decrease Honey’s fear of the bike cart. Then we fostered the extremely fearful Cherie. And now, I’m months away from terrifyingly transforming my life by setting out for a life at sea. I haven’t written my thesis yet. But I’ve learned a lot. […]

Work Through The Fear To Get To The Fun

As Honey and I sat on the floating dock watching the ducks, I couldn’t help overhearing the woman talking to her friend behind us. “I could never swim in the lake. Who knows what’s in that water that might touch me? Nope, it’s chlorinated pools for me.” I grew up having a pool. So I understand […]

3 Reasons a Dog Will Flinch Without Being Abused

Human beings have survived for thousands of years by assuming the worst. Not every sound in the forest is a saber toothed tiger, though. And not every dog that flinches has been abused.     3 Things That Make A Dog Flinch (Besides Abuse) 1. Clumsy Owners When I walk into a room carrying an […]

Good for the Dog; Good for You – Look for Help When Scared

Should I Be Scared? You’ve probably seen this: A toddler, running through a playground, trips and falls. He looks up at his mom or dad. If they look concerned, he starts bawling. If they react mildly, he gets up and goes back to playing. Your dog looks to you the same way. If you’re nervous […]

Looking for the Good Side of Your Bad Dog

I’m guilty. Over the years I’ve said about my dogs, “Why can’t she just…” Fill in the blank—stop pulling, be comfortable alone in the house, push open a door.” But lately, I’ve looked at the benefits of my dogs’ “bad behavior.” And it’s pretty amazing. Benefits of Pulling on Leash My first dog, Christie, was […]

Looking Back: 5 Reasons to Chart Your Dog Training Progress

I didn’t think I’d survive Honey’s puppyhood. It was like living with a fuzzy little land shark. Honey was sooooooo mouthy. She had to put those sharp little razor teeth on everything–my hair, my ears, my hands, my sweater, my bodacious tatas. I swear I spent the first two months of Honey’s life with us […]

On a Roller Coaster With the Dog: The Ups and Downs of Every Day Life

I have nothing witty or insightful to write. I’m just tired. Good Days and Bad Days Everyone who has ever worked with dogs will tell you progress isn’t linear. You have growth. You have setbacks. And yet every setback is a surprise. After several days of being less fearful on her walk, Chérie, our foster […]

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