Don’t Say This To Someone Whose Dog Is Dying

Your friend is suffering. She tells you about how her pet is declining and may not be around much longer. I know you feel sympathy. You want to help. To reassure. But don’t say this to someone whose dog is dying…

How Do YOUR Ideas About Death Affect Your Dog?

It’s the one power we have that can save our dogs from immense suffering. And it’s the great responsibility that no one wants to have. If you love animals and have them in your life, one day you will face hard choices about treating your pets and extending or ending their lives. As we struggle […]

Strengthening the Bond With Your Animal – Pet Hospice

Facing the end of our pets’ lives brings complicated feelings. Grief, yes. Sorrow, yes. But also regret, uncertainty, and sometimes, even relief. If we saw end of life care for our animals as a way to keep our bond strong, would we both benefit emotionally from the experience? Specialized help – pet hospice Last week […]

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