Why People Who Love Animals Must Vote

It’s election day in the United States. Our local polls just opened a few minutes ago. Even if I weren’t a political junkie who pays close attention to current events, I’d still have to vote. Because I have a furry critter lying on my floor. And I love her. And all people who love animals […]

Wordless Wednesday After the Election – Caption the Picture


Mutt Romney vs. Bark Obama

Nothing makes me feel better about not having a television than the presidential elections. Attack ads for both sides insult the intelligence of informed, thinking people of any political persuasion. The arguments are so ridiculous, they could almost have been written by dogs. Now that would be crazy. Or would it? The crazy thing? It’s […]

Who’d Make a Better Leader, You or Your Dog? – Take the Survey

The United States is the latest country choosing its leader following Iceland, Russia, France, Madagascar, Venezuela… As I’ve watched the proceedings of our own election, I sometimes ask myself: “Can’t we do better than this?” I’d Rather Vote for my Dog In college, I was very interested in politics. I even considered some day running […]

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