The Healing Power of Animals – Pet Travel Tuesday

Animals, and dogs in particular, carry a heavy burden. Those of us who love them, ascribe all kinds of virtues to them—understanding, compassion, and unconditional love. Maybe dogs have every wonderful trait we praise them for. But I suspect dogs are too complex to be everything we need them to be. Sometimes they’re patient and […]

Why Cats Rule the Internet

Let’s face it. It’s no longer sex sounds that dominate the internet—it’s purring. Cats rule the internet.     This phenomenon has even serious magazines looking for a scientific reason for why cats are so popular online. I like Steve Dale’s explanation: “In the world of cats, there is no dog park. For cat owners, the […]

A Forever Home – The Dogma That Isn’t Always Good for Dogs

(post updated August 4, 2013) Allison Benedikt sent ripples of outrage through online pet lover communities when she admitted in an article at that having children caused her to stop loving her dog. As you’d expect, animal lovers commented that she should burn in hell and worse. Luckily, we have several thoughtful and eloquent […]

Afghanistan and Dogs – Take the Quiz

Afghanistan has been in the news my entire life. And despite that, I know very little about it. I know even less about its dogs. So when Pet Travel Tuesday coincided with the month of Ramadan, I decided to review a book about a man who walked across Afghanistan with a dog. What could be […]

3 Bad Things that Happen Around Dogs (That Only Get Worse)

I can’t imagine life without dogs. But sometimes they’re responsible for some truly horrible things. And then things only get worse.     Like when: You realize your dog is eating stuff off the counter. ↓ So you move food to the top of the fridge. ↓ And come home to find a torn up […]

Questions about Dogs and Fireworks

I’m feeling very blessed this morning. Absolutely no one in our household is frightened of fireworks. Unfortunately, many of our friends can’t say the same. I’m left with lots of questions. And some ill-informed speculations. Wanna hear them?     My Questions (and Answers?) About Dogs and Fireworks Why isn’t Honey afraid of fireworks? Pick any […]

Dogs Should Sleep Outdoors

This won’t make me very popular. But I believe dogs should sleep outdoors. And so should their people.     Dogs are less likely to suffer from what writer Richard Louv called nature deficit disorder. But it’s not for our lack of trying. We skip walks when it’s cold, rainy, or snowy. Or worse, we […]

Why I Still Write About Dogs

Am I insane? Because I connect every thing in the world to dogs? Play the soundtrack to this post and then you tell me. Rules of the Game I’m going to pick items off my bookshelves at random and see how long it takes me to make a dog connection. Does everything remind me of […]

Introverts (Cats) & Extroverts (Dogs) Need Each Other (video)

I’ve been sitting here for two hours. What can I post that will be amazing, insightful, or funny? Maybe I’m just feeling too introverted to write an awesome post. And maybe that’s okay. Because I’ve been holding onto this quirky and interesting video for a while. And my lack of inspiration means you get to […]

Do You Prefer Predators or Prey?

I had a disgusting revelation recently. I came upon a nearly empty bag of dog treats containing a mixture of crumbs and mouse droppings. Yum. It got me thinking of how dogs and cats fit easily into our lives, in part, because they can learn to defecate in acceptable places. But other animals—rats, mice, birds, […]

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