What Do You Do AFTER You Scoop the Poop?

Note: This post was updated July 2014. I understand loving your dog so much you want to have a keepsake when they’re gone. But does it really have to be their poop? If you don’t want dog poop as a keepsake, what is the most convenient, affordable, and environmentally responsible way to deal with it? Dog […]

How to Make Dog Poop Green

Why should you make your dog’s poop green? Shamrock sh*t is the hot new designer color. No one wants dog poop in their drinking water. Ca-ca created this year should not still be around for the Zombie Apocalypse. If you picked two or three, you’re right. If you picked one, I’m a little worried about […]

Every Home Needs a Harvey

Before I get to today’s video treat, a quick note on a subject close to every dog person’s heart: poop! I knew I had seen today’s video on another pet blog and wanted to give credit. While sniffing around, I went back to visit Will My Dog Hate Me where I found Edie’s recent post […]

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