Which Trick Should I Teach My Dog?

I got a great deal on liver at the supermarket. Now I have a huge container of liver jerky and I gotta find some way to use it. I know. I’ll teach Honey a new trick. That will take our supply down really fast. But what should I teach her? Luckily, Koby and his person […]

Jesse the Jack Russell Helps Around the House

Now all dogs are seeking servants to wait on them hand and foot (see yesterday’s post to know what I’m talking about). Some dogs are DIY all the way. For a little Friday Fun, I want to show you Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier helping around the house.     Hope Jesse gave you a […]

The Story Behind the Video – Talented Animals Trainers Tell Story of OK Go Viral Video

Thanks to Eric Goebelbecker of Dog Spelled Forward for posting a link to the story behind the video. You know which one I mean: OK Go’s White Knuckles video, the one with all the amazing dogs (and goat). Anyway, read all about the process here. And then watch the video again in amazement!

Dog Music Video – This is Heaven!

Thanks to Kelly Dunbar over at Dogstar Daily for sharing that the band OK Go has a new video out. I’ve always been fond of their treadmill dance routine. And the University of Notre Dame marching band backing up This Too Shall Pass is pretty cool. But. This. Is. The. Best. Yet! A cool video […]

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