Dog Poop Is Blooming; It Must Be Spring

I grew up in Maryland. As a child, spring meant warm weather, blooming bulbs, and the opening of the snow cone stand. But now I live in snowy upstate New York. And spring means two things: mud and dog poop.

The Poopy Puppy Pouch of Death

Me: “What’s that smell?” Mike: “Smells like swiss cheese.” Me: “It smells like POOP!” And so it begins. Pondering the puzzling putrescence that pounded our perceptions. I hadn’t been in the basement for the past few days. So putting my bike away after sailing was my first exposure to the fetid odor that clung to the […]

My Husband Would Never Get a Dog

As he often reminds me, my husband would never have a dog if he wasn’t married to me. And yet he’s more than a casual onlooker in our little Casa de Perra. He’s a full-fledged inmate if I ever saw one.     Whether I’m bringing foster dogs home or teaching Honey to ride in a […]

How I Know I’m a Dog Pessimist

Is the glass half empty? Or half full? What a stupid question. At least if you’re a dog person. I Am a Dog Pessimist I know I am. Because this is what I think about on a walk: I have our visiting dog Chico’s leash in one hand. I have Honey’s leash and a full […]

What’s the Big Deal with Dog Poop?

The blood of grown men runs cold at its sight. Women faint. Children scream. What cursed thing is this? It’s the dreaded dookie! Ithacans Against Dog Poop My town has gotten complaints for not being dog-friendly. After all, who would ban dogs from an outdoor pedestrian mall or a park on the lakeshore? Ithaca, that’s […]

How to Make Dog Poop Green

Why should you make your dog’s poop green? Shamrock sh*t is the hot new designer color. No one wants dog poop in their drinking water. Ca-ca created this year should not still be around for the Zombie Apocalypse. If you picked two or three, you’re right. If you picked one, I’m a little worried about […]

The Language of Poop is the Language of Love

You can’t read dog blogs for long without coming across discussion of poop. Sometimes they’re funny. And sometimes they’re worrisome. But poop is frequently on the mind of dog people. And then we apologize for finding it funny or a cause for stress. But here’s what’s going on. We think, talk, and write about poop because we […]

Every Home Needs a Harvey

Before I get to today’s video treat, a quick note on a subject close to every dog person’s heart: poop! I knew I had seen today’s video on another pet blog and wanted to give credit. While sniffing around, I went back to visit Will My Dog Hate Me where I found Edie’s recent post […]

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