Honey Shows Her Wild Side – Wordless Wednesday

Honey is a gentle girl. But sometimes her wild side comes out and she thinks she’s a beast tearing the guts out of her prey. See?    

Honey Takes Friends to K9 Kamp

Kamp Kommandants Jodi of Kol’s Notes and Peggy of Peggy’s Pet Place have issued another fitness challenge for K9 Kamp. It’s to use fun and games to make you and your dog more fit. Learn more about the K9 Kamp challenge and enter to win great prizes. I can’t think of anything more scary than […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – At the Dog Park

What do I love best about the dog park? Listening to the love and pride in people’s voices when they talk about their dogs. While Honey and her friend were chasing each other around the park, I said to the black dog’s person, “Wow, she’s really fast.” He replied with a few minutes of stories […]

Are Dog Parks Necessary?

Back in June, Eric Goebelbecker posted a very controversial post at Dogstar Daily in which he argued that dogs don’t need to play with other dogs to be happy. And, since dog parks can be volatile situations, you might be better off finding other ways for your dog to play with others if you do […]

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