Caption The Picture – Wordless Wednesday

When I found this old picture yesterday for my post on enjoying the dog park, I wondered how you would caption it. Give it your best shot. What is Honey thinking? Thanks For The Marriage Advice When I asked if I should be worried about my husband sleeping with a blonde, nearly everyone had the same […]

The Internet is One Big Dog Park

The more time I spend online, the more it reminds me of the dog park.     Tell me if you haven’t seen these types, both online and in your local dog park: The Lurker – She hangs out around the edges. You don’t even notice she’s there until you hear a little yip. And then […]

Wordless Wednesday – Was It Worth It?

What do you think? She sure doesn’t have that room to run in our little backyard. Have you ever pushed your dog to do something you know they’ll enjoy eventually? Was it worth it?  

Dog Park Duties – Tue Cute Tuesday

Did you ever notice some dogs take on jobs at the dog park? Some instigate play. Others patrol the perimeters. Honey’s job is to greet each new person who enters the park. Over the weekend, Honey met a Greyhound who assigned himself the job of Constable. Here you’ll find him checking Honey’s ID.   Does […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – At the Dog Park

What do I love best about the dog park? Listening to the love and pride in people’s voices when they talk about their dogs. While Honey and her friend were chasing each other around the park, I said to the black dog’s person, “Wow, she’s really fast.” He replied with a few minutes of stories […]

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