Naming Your Dog: What’s In A Name?

When we decided to adopt a puppy, we spent hours reviewing possible names. But we almost made the wrong choice. What would have happened if we had named Honey Stella instead?

(Nick) Naming Your Dog

People come up with all kinds of creative names for their dogs. Some are just expressing their creativity. Others want a name that describes their dog. And some people look for a name that will work for training. Is it easy to say? Is it unique from other words commonly used? Is it easy to […]

What's in a Name?

When we’re out and about, people ask me my puppy’s name. I reply, “Honey,” and they nearly always reply with a smile and say “Oh, of course.” Everyone seems to think it fits. Before we knew which puppy from the litter would be ours, we brainstormed names: “Sugar”, “Lyric”, “Muffin”, along with 20 others. I […]

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