Why I Love People Who Love Dogs

Unlike some people, I don’t believe dog lovers are more honest, loving, or intelligent. We’re just as screwed up as everyone else. But there’s something special about people who love dogs. What is it?

Weird Things People Ask Google About Dogs

When I want to laugh, cry, or throw up a little in my mouth, I scan my blog stats to see what searches brought people to Something Wagging This Way Comes. Do you know what I find? People ask Google weird things about dogs.

A Confederacy of Dog Lovers

Dogs live in a circle of love. And if we’re lucky, they sweep us into it. Let me tell you what I mean. Yesterday we walked Honey, my golden retriever, to the marina. Confederates #1 & 2 When we stuck to the sidewalk, Honey knew it was just an ordinary walk. But once we crossed the […]

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