Dog Kayaking – Wordless Wednesday

Honey is usually my kayaking partner. But this weekend, Mike wondered if he wasn’t missing out on the fun. Would Honey ride with Mike after only paddling with me? Let’s see. We start with a little bribe.     Looking good.     Looks like we’ll have to toss a coin to see who gets […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – Our Baby is Growing Up

Who would have ever thought that this would grow into that?

Bonded or Trained? Getting a Golden Retriever to Ride in a Kayak

Finally, a good opportunity to see if Honey would join me in the kayak. I took both of my last two dogs kayaking. But neither of them could be called enthusiastic kayakers. I hoped Honey might be different–Honey the water dog. I started thinking about how a trainer would go through the steps in getting […]

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