No, My Dog DOES NOT Want To “Meet” Your Dog

It happens every time. Responsible dog people take their dogs off to the side when we walk by. But the crazy people, the ones whose dog looks rabid at the end of their leash, think my dog wants to “meet” their dog. No freaking way.

A Life Saving SECRET For Introducing Dogs On Leash

If you have a friendly and playful dog, you’ve done the dance. You know the one. Where your dog plays with another dog while you and the other person struggle to keep the leashes from getting tangled. I’ve done it with flexible leashes where I worried that my wrist was going to be amputated. I’ve […]

Don’t Take Your Dog Personally

Does your dog hurt your feelings? Because I think that’s what’s going on with some Something Wagging readers. Lately, common search terms that bring folks to this blog are along the lines of “Why doesn’t my dog greet me more excitedly when I come home?” Sounds like someone needs to be told to not take […]

How Does Your Dog Greet You When You Come Home?

While getting ready to return home after a month in Panama, Mike and I debated: How would Honey greet us when we got home? Here’s some background: If a friend, neighbor, contractor, or pizza delivery person comes to the door, Honey responds like one of those dogs greeting their long-lost person after months away in […]

Great Dane School of Doggy Introductions

Dog trainer Colleen Safford posted some great dog greeting video and commentary over at Dogtime. My previous dogs were pretty reactive so I tried to develop my dog watching signs so that I wasn’t surprised by sudden bad manners or doggy corrections. But I always found it tough to read the dog language of a […]

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