Make That Summer Festival As Fun For Your Dog As It Is For You

What wouldn’t most dogs like about going to a lively event with food spilled everywhere, warm sunshine, and lots of walkies? Except for strangers standing on her tail, lit cigarettes dangling at eye level, and hot pavement. Summer festivals and events are loads of fun with your dog. Or at least they can be. Here’s […]

Eating Out With Your Reactive Dog (without losing your mind)

Okay, so my dog Honey is Little Miss Perfect. I can take her to parades, malls, and even social media conferences without fear of being embarrassed or threatened with doggy jail. Most of all, I can take her out to eat on a pet-friendly patio. But I haven’t always had confident and well socialized dogs. […]

Why Dog Lovers Piss Me Off

I love people who love dogs. Except when I don’t. There’s one kind of dog lover who pisses me off every time. That’s the dog lover who loves dogs so much that they totally disrespect humans. And as a result, make things even harder for me and other dog lovers. What do I mean? Check […]

Why I Travel With Dogs

As soon as we drove off the block I missed my dogs, Agatha and Christie. As I blinked back tears, I decided our next vacation would include the girls. That was over 20 years ago. Since then, I rarely travel anywhere without a dog. Here’s why: ♥ If they aren’t along I miss them. But you […]

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