Honey Fulfills Her Destiny

Late Wednesday night, I saw something interesting on Facebook. No, none of my friends admitted to sleeping with Herman Cain. And no, Bank of America is not giving a foreclosed house to everyone who “likes” them. But my friend Beth was looking for a foster home for a puppy who had been seized by Animal […]

Take Action To Save Pets

Without animal shelters and rescues, starving dogs and cats would roam the streets. And more litters of unwanted kittens would meet horrible ends. But animal shelters can only do their work thanks to volunteers. November 8 is Volunteer Action Day Did you know that 97% of all animal welfare organizations use volunteers? And that more […]

Thanks to Foster Parents (of all kinds)

Over at the often hilarious Dog Foster Mom, Laurie shared the news that two kittens she was fostering had died. It got me thinking about all the sacrifices foster parents make to improve the lives of others. It’s amazing that people take on care for unwanted people and animals even though the toll it takes on […]

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