Something Wagging Reviews The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food

I like Honey’s current food. And she does too. But without preservatives, it needs refrigeration. Which is a royal pain if you’re traveling, camping, or, say, living on a boat. How about dehydrated dog food? Doesn’t that sound like a good option for a dog on the go? We thought so and were glad when […]

Spring Naturals Dog Food Review – Fighting the China Syndrome

For years I’ve avoided buying products made in China. People thought I was nuts. But since 2008 when both milk products and pet supplements from China were found tainted with melamine, I’ve been one of a crowd. Meet Spring Naturals Seeing a strong consumer demand for pet food and treats made from safe sources, the […]

Pamela Looks at By Nature Food; Honey Just Eats It – Review

My Love Affair with Nuggets  I love kibble. There, I’ve said it. And I’m not ashamed. It’s easy to feed. It’s easy to store. It makes a pleasing sound coming out of a food toy. And it isn’t messy when it lands on the floor. When Honey’s breeder specified a high-quality kibble in our contract, […]

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