Growing A Good Dog Culture

Does your town’s dog culture has you dodging poop bombs in the park and hiding behind cars to avoid rude dogs and their people? Maybe it’s time to move. Or at least try to grow a good dog culture where you live.

Is Your Town’s Dog Culture Hurting Your Dog?

Since we’ve lived on the boat, we’ve only traveled as far as one long car trip. But I’ve already seen big differences in the way people treat dogs from one place to the next. What is your town’s dog culture? And is it hurting your dog?

What’s Your Town’s Dog Culture – Take Our Polls

An acquaintance waved to me as Honey and I walked toward him. He was walking his friend’s dog. The two pups were obviously interested in each other so I asked him if it was okay for them to meet. They frolicked a bit. Then the other dog gave Honey a little snark. I told Honey, “leave […]

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