What Do You Get From a Dog Blog?

Honey the golden retriever waits for her bath.

Why are we here? No, not on this planet. What are we doing reading dog blogs? What do we get from a dog blog that we don’t get in a book or regular website? And why do we keep coming back for more? Why Dog Blogs are Awesome If you love dogs, there are no […]

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Dog Blogs

It's Sherman Claus from My Brown Newfies.

Who needs Wikipedia? Public libraries? The Bible (pauses for lightning strike before moving on)? Dog blogs teach me everything I need to know. Santa Is Real And he drools. Change food cautiously. I feel so lucky Honey is a healthy girl. She tolerates all kinds of food and has a healthy appetite. But things can […]

Why I’m Going to BlogPaws

Golden Retriever in a Subaru Impreza

BlogPaws has me making some uncharacteristic choices. I’m: taking time off from work (and after I just spent a week off sailing); spending money; challenging Honey’s “four on the floor” training with hundreds of crazy dog people who I just know will have her jumping at the end of the leash in minutes, if not […]

Thanks, Sage, for the Doggie Bloggie Award.

Doggie Bloggie Award

Sage, over at The [Mis]Adventures of Sage, has given Something Wagging This Way Comes a Doggie Bloggie Award. As a treat, it’s almost as yummy as liver! Thank you. Of course, with gifts come responsibilities. And receiving a Doggie Bloggie has a few   rules: 1) Thank the person who gave the award and link […]

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