What Do You Get From a Dog Blog?

Why are we here? No, not on this planet. What are we doing reading dog blogs? What do we get from a dog blog that we don’t get in a book or regular website? And why do we keep coming back for more? Why Dog Blogs are Awesome If you love dogs, there are no […]

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Dog Blogs

Who needs Wikipedia? Public libraries? The Bible (pauses for lightning strike before moving on)? Dog blogs teach me everything I need to know. Santa Is Real And he drools. Change food cautiously. I feel so lucky Honey is a healthy girl. She tolerates all kinds of food and has a healthy appetite. But things can […]

Why I’m Going to BlogPaws

BlogPaws has me making some uncharacteristic choices. I’m: taking time off from work (and after I just spent a week off sailing); spending money; challenging Honey’s “four on the floor” training with hundreds of crazy dog people who I just know will have her jumping at the end of the leash in minutes, if not […]

Thanks, Sage, for the Doggie Bloggie Award.

Sage, over at The [Mis]Adventures of Sage, has given Something Wagging This Way Comes a Doggie Bloggie Award. As a treat, it’s almost as yummy as liver! Thank you. Of course, with gifts come responsibilities. And receiving a Doggie Bloggie has a few   rules: 1) Thank the person who gave the award and link […]

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