Something Wagging’s Got the Blues

It’s been a tough week. I have the creeping crud that’s been finding its way around town. I’ve had tight work deadlines to meet. And it’s freaking cold. I should be answering emails and leading a big push for the end of Train Your Dog Month. But I’m tired. Time for a rest. And maybe […]

Look What Came In Through the Cat Door – Friday Funnies

I’ve read all kinds of stories lately about strange critters that find their way into houses through unsecure cat doors. But I didn’t read anything that equalled what happened to my neighbor in Philadelphia. Officer, I Found Something Stuck in My Cat Door I lived in Philadelphia just as crack made its way into the […]

Is Life With a Small Dog Like Life with Dexter?

The best size dog is… For me, the perfect sized dog is one whose head ends up right under my hand when she walks by my side. Since I’m about 5′ 7″ (170 cm) tall, that means the perfect dog will end up in the 50 pound range. But here’s the thing. I live in […]

12 Dog Days of Christmas

I was first introduced to Dexter’s Ruff Life by Edie over at Will My Dog Hate Me. I was enchanted by this Yorkie with attitude even though I knew his rapping efforts had Biggie and Tupac just spinning in their graves. But Dexter brings his real talents to bear in singing Christmas carols. Don’t you […]

Puppy Song Parody – How It’s Done

I love singing song parodies. I love song parodies involving puppies even more. Or should I say I love song pupodies? Pup Fan has shared some of her favorite songs here and here. And she’s inspired me to go looking for other people’s favorites. Rejected Puppy Song Parody Successful Puppy Song Parody

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