No Door Stop is Safe From This Cute Puppy

Cute Puppy? Or YouTube Star? If I could name one phrase that sums up my life it would be “missed opportunities.” I just don’t see the potential that other people recognize right away. Take today’s video, for example. Honey loved playing with door stops when she was a puppy. Did I take out the camera […]

Lap Dog


Bonded or Trained? Getting a Golden Retriever to Ride in a Kayak

Finally, a good opportunity to see if Honey would join me in the kayak. I took both of my last two dogs kayaking. But neither of them could be called enthusiastic kayakers. I hoped Honey might be different–Honey the water dog. I started thinking about how a trainer would go through the steps in getting […]

Attack of the Teenagers – Or Will I Survive Puppy Adolescence?

Saturday, for the first time, Honey didn’t come when I called her. She raised her head. She thought about it. She decided, Nah, not interested. What was better than the hotdog in my treat bag? The rotting cherries surrounding the tree at a local orchard. Of course I went and got her. And tried again, […]

Lessons I've Learned From My Puppy – #103

If you get five minutes to rest in the shade, take it!

What's in a Name?

When we’re out and about, people ask me my puppy’s name. I reply, “Honey,” and they nearly always reply with a smile and say “Oh, of course.” Everyone seems to think it fits. Before we knew which puppy from the litter would be ours, we brainstormed names: “Sugar”, “Lyric”, “Muffin”, along with 20 others. I […]

Best Dog Training Videos

I need help. Yeah, really. My friends are always saying, “Pam, you should get some help.” But seriously. I’m good at working training into every day circumstances–“sit” before getting breakfast, practicing recall when Honey’s already running at top speed to come inside, and giving the “down” command on walks to practice impulse control. But I […]

Tue Cute Tuesday

Lessons I've Learned From My Puppy – #97

When you just feel like biting someone–take a nap.

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