From Perfect Puppy to Dog Who Whines in Her Crate in 3 Easy Steps

The day we brought Honey home, she whined for less than a minute before falling asleep in her crate by the bed. At 3 months old she was already sleeping through the night! She was a perfect puppy. What happened? Here are the steps: 1. Puppy swallows squeaker. 2. Puppy goes to hospital for squeaker […]

Watching Your Shape – Crate Training with a Clicker

Laurie Luck, over at Smart Dog University, has posted a really great video teaching how to use a clicker and treats to teach her puppy Teddy how to enter a crate. Teddy is a service dog in training so we know he’s smart. But this video so clearly paralleled my experiences with shaping and taught […]

Tue Cute Tuesday — Honey Goes Camping

We never crated our previous dogs. So when we took them camping, Agatha, Christie, and Shadow all went directly to their pillows to lay down. They knew it was their place. Honey has a crate at home and one at work. I think she saw the entire tent as her crate. And we were just […]

Best Dog Training Videos

I need help. Yeah, really. My friends are always saying, “Pam, you should get some help.” But seriously. I’m good at working training into every day circumstances–“sit” before getting breakfast, practicing recall when Honey’s already running at top speed to come inside, and giving the “down” command on walks to practice impulse control. But I […]

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