Do You Look Like Your Dog? The Experiment

Did you know that strangers can match a picture of a person to a picture of their dog 80% of the time? Amazing isn’t it? But what’s really amazing is that even when the pictures show only the eyes of the dog and their person, the experiment’s subjects guess correctly 75% of the time. I […]

Do You Look Like Your Dog?

We all know people and their dogs look alike. After all, check out Winston Churchill and his bulldog. Except Churchill had poodles. So do people really look like their dogs? Or is it an urban myth? Ask Science If People Look Like Their Dogs Some scientists had extra grant money hanging around. So they decided to experiment […]

Name the SureFlap Dog; Win a Pet Portrait

What Dog Inspires You? To name their new mascot, SureFlap Microchip Pet Doors wants your story about an inspirational dog. Do you know a dog who beat everyone’s expectations? Or who did something heroic? Perhaps you know a dog who inspires you to be a better person every day. SureFlap wants to hear about it. […]

Get Ready; It’s Coming – Something Swagging 2012

She Works Hard for Her Funny BlogPaws is a few short days away. And if I’m going to be schlepping a big bag o’swag through three airports (count them, three) and arriving home near midnight (if I’m lucky) just to have to be at work by 9 a.m. the next morning, I want to get […]

Wordless Wednesday – Pretending to be British on the Beach

  Worded Wednesday – Swag Alert I announced the Something Swagging This Way Comes 2012 contest yesterday and baby and puppy pictures are pouring in. And may I say? You look mahvelous! You have until June 26 to send in your pictures. Or you can wait and play along when the game starts. Learn how […]

Countdown to Something Swagging This Way Comes 2012!

I have a really fun game planned for my BlogPaws swag giveaway this year. And to make it extra special, I’m asking you to help me create the game board while getting a little link love and having a chance to win some great pet swag. Sound fun? Then read on. Meet Your Match After […]

Honey’s Holiday Happening – Win a Prize!

  Honey tells me I’ve been neglecting my readers and friends–posting less frequently, visiting fewer of my favorite blogs, and failing to comment when I do visit. Although she’s too kind and gentle to cause too much of a guilt trip, Honey definitely suggests I make amends. That’s why we’re hosting Honey’s Holiday Happening. Starting […]

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