Reassuring Your Dog (Who Doesn’t Speak English)

Honey looked worried. We were packing bags at a frantic pace and she didn’t know what was going on. How do you reassure your dog if she doesn’t understand when you talk to her in English?

Listen Carefully To Anyone Different From You – Good for the Dog; Good for You

Honey has made two new friends lately. Or rather, one new friend and one invisible one.     Her first new friend is a handsome and well socialized chocolate lab. They love to just hang out together or chase each other around the yard. Her second new friend is a sweet and equally well socialized […]

Dogs Are Stupid; So Are People

Okay, maybe stupid is a little harsh. How about distactible? Or easily confused? The point is, if you want a dog to understand you, talk simply. And if you want a person to understand you, do the same thing. Dog Training Cues Look at any list of the most important behaviors to teach your dog. […]

How Well Do You and Your Dog Understand Each Other?

Some dogs know just what we need before we even say it. Others don’t seem to understand what they knew just the day before. And what about you? Do you understand what your dog needs? Are you and your dog communicating? Take the quiz. 1. When it’s doggy dinner time, your dog (A) Is standing […]

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