Don’t Know What to Do? Do Anything: Good for the Dog; Good for You

When A Dog Doesn’t Know What To Do Honey loves when I bring out the clicker and treats. Lately, I’ve been bringing them along on our walks.     The other day, I saw a utility pole with a white band around it about three feet off the ground. I wondered if I could teach […]

How to Introduce Children to Your Dog – Use A Clicker

How can a clicker help you safely introduce a child to your dog? Watch and learn. 5 Steps to Introducing a Child to Your Dog 1. Make sure the child has a space where they can watch the dog from a protected spot. Behind a baby gate or from a crib should work. 2. Allow […]

Do Dogs Blow Bubbles in the Bath? Train Your Dog Month Challenge

At the Honey Webster household, Train Your Dog Month ended not with a bark, but a whimper. And yet it was a big success. What were we trying to do? The Challenge The Association of Pet Dog Trainers issued a challenge: train your dog in January to build your bond. I loved the idea so […]

No Shame in Asking for Help – Honey Meets a Trainer

Yesterday, when I mentioned to my friend Diana that I had scheduled an appointment with a dog trainer for help working with Honey, she said with shock on her face, “What’s wrong with her?” And when I reported her appalled reaction to another friend, Glenda replied, “Is she ok?” Honey is A-Ok Honey is a […]

Honey's Back in School – Dog Training Starts Today

Yes, I know that I have some wonderful dog training resources in books and on the web. And if I just practice a few minutes throughout the day, Honey will learn all she needs to be a well-mannered dog. But what can I say? I love taking training classes. And I learn so much in […]

Teaching an Alpha Dog New Tricks – part 2. Positive Dog Training Resources.

In a previous post, I promised some resources for people interested in moving beyond dominance based training. What follows is just a small sampling but I think you’ll find plenty to whet your appetite. Dogstar Daily may be the most comprehensive website for positive dog training. Founded by Dr. Ian Dunbar and his wife, Kelly, […]

Watching Your Shape – Crate Training with a Clicker

Laurie Luck, over at Smart Dog University, has posted a really great video teaching how to use a clicker and treats to teach her puppy Teddy how to enter a crate. Teddy is a service dog in training so we know he’s smart. But this video so clearly paralleled my experiences with shaping and taught […]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Who’s the Best Trained Dog of All – Mirror Method of Dog Training

I loved the video in my Tue Cute Tuesday post so much I had to learn more about the Hungarian Mirror Method of Dog Training. Since I don’t speak Hungarian this provided a challenge. But the dog training club promoting this method has done this nifty video with English subtitles. It’s a great reminder of […]

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