Dog World Problem – Preferring the Foster

You’ve heard of first world problems. But your true suffering comes from Dog World Problems.   Just a few words for new S’Waggers who don’t know the bike cart saga: We wanted Honey to learn how to ride in our bike cart so she could go more places with us. She hated the thing. We spent months working […]

The Happy Side of Fostering – Blog the Change for Animals

Blog the Change for Animals meets real life. Because as I write this, I’m getting ready to say goodbye to our latest foster dog, Ginny. And I’m happy. In truth, there are lots of happy moments in fostering. But when I tell someone I foster dogs, their reply is, “Oh I could never do that. […]

When a Foster Dog Goes Home…

  When a foster dog goes home from our house, we: go somewhere because it sounds and feels too empty with one dog missing sigh in relief because we’ve just uncomplicated our upcoming trip out-of-town keep looking at our dog to see if she feels as sad as we do bring out the high value […]

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday – Camping Out

Today we’re having some long overdue work done. We’re upgrading our fuse box to circuit breakers and doing assorted electrical work throughout the house. Honey loves when contractors come to the house. The hard part is keeping her from sticking her floofie tail into everything they’re doing. Chérie is also unconcerned by the newcomers which […]

When A Less Adoptable Dog is More Adoptable

The Less Adoptable Dog If Chérie, our foster pup, had found herself in a shelter making tough decisions about how to use their resources, she would not have made it out alive. She had a few strikes against her. Chérie was in heat, necessitating a more challenging spaying surgery feared everyone and everything and was nearly […]

Supporting Change for Companion Animals

I’ve changed a lot since I first brought Agatha and Christie home from the Philadelphia SPCA in 1991. Yes, I’m fatter and older. But not just that. I’ve learned so much about building a relationship with my dog. It’s made living with dogs one of the most satisfying aspects of my life. But the reason […]

Looking Back: 5 Reasons to Chart Your Dog Training Progress

I didn’t think I’d survive Honey’s puppyhood. It was like living with a fuzzy little land shark. Honey was sooooooo mouthy. She had to put those sharp little razor teeth on everything–my hair, my ears, my hands, my sweater, my bodacious tatas. I swear I spent the first two months of Honey’s life with us […]

On a Roller Coaster With the Dog: The Ups and Downs of Every Day Life

I have nothing witty or insightful to write. I’m just tired. Good Days and Bad Days Everyone who has ever worked with dogs will tell you progress isn’t linear. You have growth. You have setbacks. And yet every setback is a surprise. After several days of being less fearful on her walk, Chérie, our foster […]

Wordless Wednesday – Sibling Rivalry


The Puppiness Project – It Doesn’t Matter How You Learn; Just Learn

Gretchen Rubin wrote in The Happiness Project about the year she spent “test-driving the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific studies, and the lessons from popular culture about how to be happy.” The Puppiness Project is my attempt to learn the same from Honey, my Golden Retriever, and Chérie, our visiting Foster Pup. A Tale of Two Doggies […]

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