Deep Down, Dog People and Cat People Are The Same

Dog people are extroverts. Cat people are introverts. Dog people are more politically conservative than cat people are. Dog people claim Paul McCartney as their favorite Beatle. Cat people prefer George Harrison. You’ve seen the infographics. Maybe you’ve even taken a quiz. You know that dog people and cat people are entirely different. Or are […]

Why Cats Rule the Internet

Let’s face it. It’s no longer sex sounds that dominate the internet—it’s purring. Cats rule the internet.     This phenomenon has even serious magazines looking for a scientific reason for why cats are so popular online. I like Steve Dale’s explanation: “In the world of cats, there is no dog park. For cat owners, the […]

Julia Child Loved Cats

Julia Child is a public television deity in a holy trinity that includes Mr. Rogers and Big Bird. Imagine how popular she’d be if everyone know how much she loved cats. We Love Julia Julie Child was an unlikely television star. At six feet, two inches tall (188 centimeters), she was a striking, if not […]

Introverts (Cats) & Extroverts (Dogs) Need Each Other (video)

I’ve been sitting here for two hours. What can I post that will be amazing, insightful, or funny? Maybe I’m just feeling too introverted to write an awesome post. And maybe that’s okay. Because I’ve been holding onto this quirky and interesting video for a while. And my lack of inspiration means you get to […]

Do You Prefer Predators or Prey?

I had a disgusting revelation recently. I came upon a nearly empty bag of dog treats containing a mixture of crumbs and mouse droppings. Yum. It got me thinking of how dogs and cats fit easily into our lives, in part, because they can learn to defecate in acceptable places. But other animals—rats, mice, birds, […]

Can We Get a Little Love for the Kitties?

I love visiting the dog area at the Tompkins County SPCA. But it’s the cats that blow me away. When you enter the lobby, there’s usually one mellow cat wandering around loose. Generously sized cages with enough room to keep a litter box well away from food and sleeping areas line the walls—each one filled […]

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