Caption The Picture – Wordless Wednesday

When I found this old picture yesterday for my post on enjoying the dog park, I wondered how you would caption it. Give it your best shot. What is Honey thinking? Thanks For The Marriage Advice When I asked if I should be worried about my husband sleeping with a blonde, nearly everyone had the same […]

Let Me Give You Some Advice, Kid – Wordless Wednesday

Honey is the best foster-sister ever. Recently a little birdie heard her giving Sally some advice. What do you think Honey told Sally? Put your guess in the comments.    

Caption the Picture – Wordless Wednesday

What are they thinking? And for extra credit, guess who was sitting on the dog pillow when this shot was taken.

Wordless Wednesday – Caption the Sniffer

What is Honey thinking? Maybe she’s looking for some snow?  

Caption the Picture – Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday After the Election – Caption the Picture


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