Your Dog Doesn’t See The World The Same Way Twice

We like to think of our dogs as Zen masters. They, unlike us, are present in the moment. When they walk, they walk. When they sniff, they sniff. They don’t eat while watching tv. Or plan their weekend while chasing a ball. But did you ever think of what it means to be totally engaged in […]

Why Neurotic People Should Not Be Allowed To Have Dogs

It was good to know people were pulling for us. Despite Honey having been abducted by aliens the day of her Canine Good Citizen test, I don’t have any complaints. The test evaluator and her helpers not only loved dogs but cared about people who loved dogs. So why did I feel like crap? Neurotic […]

The Puppiness Project – Make Mischief Before Hard Work

Gretchen Rubin wrote in The Happiness Project about the year she spent “test-driving the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific studies, and the lessons from popular culture about how to be happy.” The Puppiness Project is my attempt to learn the same from Honey, my Golden Retriever. Oh What a Beautiful Morning The sun was shining. The […]

Is Honey a Canine Good Citizen?

The date is set. Honey will be evaluated as a Canine Good Citizen on Sunday, October 21. To pass, we must accomplish the ten CGC test items. Most mornings we take advantage of nearby high-distraction locales (the elementary school, coffee shop, park) to practice loose leash walking, stay, and calm behavior around strangers and their […]

January is National Train Your Dog Month

When you look at the list of dogs available on Petfinder or Craigslist, what do you notice? I see lots of ads for dogs between 5 months and 1 year old–only somewhat housebroken, sweet, but active and rambunctious and needing a big yard to run around in. Every time I read one of those ads, […]

Congrats to Tashi–Canine Good Citizen

I recently found out that Honey’s friend, Tashi, passed his Canine Good Citizen exam. What a good boy! For those who don’t know, the CGC is a program started by the American Kennel Club that stresses responsible pet care and good manners for dogs. People and their dogs work together until they are ready to […]

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