Why We Camp

Do you want to hear a secret about campers? We’re not so different from non-campers. But there are a few big differences that will tell you why we camp.

Mom, Her Tail’s On My Side

How do you vacation with a dog who snarls and threatens every strange dog or person who walks by? Take up camping. A Car Not Made for Camping I’m nothing if not frugal. So when we decided to try camping with our first dogs, Agatha and Christie, I bought used sleeping bags and gear at […]

Puppy Socialization – You Can't Remember Everything!

I worked very hard to expose Honey to many different things in her early puppyhood. We wanted her to be socialized to accept just about anything in stride. And she seemed to be fearless. It was rare to see Honey startled by anything–sirens, thunder, fireworks, power tools. But on a recent camping trip, we discovered […]

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