Reassuring Your Dog (Who Doesn’t Speak English)

Honey looked worried. We were packing bags at a frantic pace and she didn’t know what was going on. How do you reassure your dog if she doesn’t understand when you talk to her in English?

This Shocking Item Set Off My BS Meter

I’m kinda gullible about people. If someone tells me something, I tend to believe it. After all, why would they lie? Thanks to a good liberal arts education, I don’t have the same failing when I read something. And it’s a good thing. Because I got a shocking email recently that set off my BS detector […]

10 Ways To Bond With Your Dog

You always bore the ones you love. And that’s not a terrible thing. One of the great blessings of being with those you love and who love you back is that you don’t have to work so hard to impress them. But it’s still good to do special things to strengthen your relationship. Here are […]

Why Neurotic People Should Not Be Allowed To Have Dogs

It was good to know people were pulling for us. Despite Honey having been abducted by aliens the day of her Canine Good Citizen test, I don’t have any complaints. The test evaluator and her helpers not only loved dogs but cared about people who loved dogs. So why did I feel like crap? Neurotic […]

5 Great Things I’ve Learned About Dogs (and 5 Great Teachers Who Taught Them)

Once we get beyond what to feed our dog and how to exercise her, we still have lots to learn. Who are our teachers? Here are just a few of my teachers and the lessons they’ve taught that enhance my relationship with Honey every day. Use one special word for calling your dog and always […]

Teaching Alpha Dogs New Tricks–part 1

I’m amazed to find how pervasive talk of being the alpha in your family and teaching your dog who’s the boss has become. My husband says that’s because I’m a freak and I just don’t understand how weird I am compared to the rest of the culture. Fair enough! But my reading tells me that […]

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