My Dog is Thankful For… – Wordless Wednesday

          Your Turn: What is your dog most thankful for?  

Does a Dog Live Here? Wordless Wednesday

      Your Turn: What’s the first sign of dogs living in your house? (Besides the dogs, I mean.)   

Something Swagging This Way Comes – part 3

Looking for a good home: a bundle of BlogPaws swag. Is it yours? Take a Survey, Win A Prize I’m happy to give away my bag of treats, toys, and heavy-duty cleaning products. But I’m going to make you work for it. I’m attaching two surveys (making it into one large survey would have cost […]

9 Things I Learned at BlogPaws (that have nothing to do with blogging or social media)

I’m a lifelong learner. And, as teachers know, the best learning comes outside the formal lessons. So I’m not going to write about the cool new SEO tip I learned. Or why I really need to start a Pinterest page for Something Wagging. Instead, I’d like to share the lessons I learned while wandering the […]

What is BlogPaws Like for a Dog?

There’s a little bit of this:     Far too much of this:     And not nearly enough of this:   Your Turn: How would your dog do at a pet-friendly conference? Could he sleep at your feet during a workshop? Or would he be wondering why you’ve become so boring all of a sudden?

I Am Afraid of Dogs

BlogPaws is heaven for a dog lover. I saw dogs in elevators, dogs at dinner, dogs in strollers, dogs in seminars, and even a dog groomed to look like a lion running through the lobby dragging his leash. But I didn’t meet a single dog without saying to myself, “This dog could bite me. And […]

Balanced Dog – Mental vs Physical Activity

Honey sure slept well. You’d think that after napping in the car during the seven hour drive to BlogPaws she’d be bouncing off the walls all night. Luckily she got a mix of mental and physical exercise to tire her out. Mental Exercise for Dogs So what’s tiring out Honey’s brain at BlogPaws? Seeing new […]

Caption the Picture, Win a Prize – Wordless Wednesday

What is Honey thinking? Frosty Paws Giveaway I have two Frosty Paws gift packs to give away. Win coupons for two free packages of Frosty Paws treats for your dog and a Frosty Paws mascot for yourself. Just come up with one of the two best captions as decided by our impartial and very sexy […]

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday – Camping Out

Today we’re having some long overdue work done. We’re upgrading our fuse box to circuit breakers and doing assorted electrical work throughout the house. Honey loves when contractors come to the house. The hard part is keeping her from sticking her floofie tail into everything they’re doing. Chérie is also unconcerned by the newcomers which […]

Wordless Wednesday – Nosebleed Seats

Not so hot, huh? Can you come up with a better caption? Share it below.

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