It’s Alive! 7th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge

We haven’t sunk the boat. Honey is fit and happy. And I haven’t forgotten how to write. What better reason to update my much-neglected blog than to join the 7th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge?

Pet Blogger Bares All

With apologies to my readers who don’t blog and are wondering what they ever did to deserve this, I’m getting naked today. The robe comes off to let me reveal what nearly all pet bloggers hide. So with no more delay, off go the clothes and I show you my… stats.

Pet Blogger Super Heroes – Pet Blogger’s Challenge 2015

I could spend my morning solving the pet population problem, curing cancer, or figuring out who likes The Big Bang Theory and why. But instead I’ll be trying to write a clever and amusing reply to the Fifth Annual Pet Blogger Challenge. Will I succeed? You tell me.

My Dog Is A… On Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday I argued that my dog is not a wolf. But there are plenty of other animals she does resemble.

Who Is Dearest To Me?

After blogging for almost five years, I rarely accept and pass on awards. But I recently received one from a surprising place: a sailing blog. And I’m thrilled to be recognized by bloggers who inspire me as they cruise aboard their sailboat with not one, but two, large dogs. Even if you don’t share the […]

The Writer’s Process Blog Tour Is Coming To Take You Away…

“Have a seat…. Tell me what’s on your so-called mind.” That’s what Kate from SlimDoggy said to me when she invited me to join the Writer’s Process Blog Tour. Well, not really. But it’s a great quote from one of my favorite animated movies (100 points if you get the reference). You know, Slim Doggy, […]

What Happens To The Dog When The Internet Goes Down

Verizon is out to get me. They’ve must have gotten hold of my comments in favor of net neutrality on the FCC website and they’re putting the screws to me. How? By messing with my broadband. For over a week, I’ve had sketchy internet service. In the early mornings I’m fine. But once people on the […]

My Dog Loves And Hates Her Blog

I know people give their dogs credit for knowing amazing things. But Honey does not know she’s the star of her own blog. If I say “Something Wagging This Way Comes” to her, she stares blankly. She has no idea why I keep taking her picture. And most of all, she can’t figure out why […]

What Do You Get From a Dog Blog?

Why are we here? No, not on this planet. What are we doing reading dog blogs? What do we get from a dog blog that we don’t get in a book or regular website? And why do we keep coming back for more? Why Dog Blogs are Awesome If you love dogs, there are no […]

3 Stories About Edie Jarolim And Why Knowing Them Will Help Dogs

Story #1 About Edie Almost four years ago, I decided to start a blog. I was still grieving the loss of my dog Shadow. And I was bringing a new puppy into my life. You know her as Honey. I couldn’t bear the thought of living my life with another dog without making a record […]

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