It’s Alive! 7th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge

We haven’t sunk the boat. Honey is fit and happy. And I haven’t forgotten how to write. What better reason to update my much-neglected blog than to join the 7th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge?

4 Gifts For Pets (And Friends)

I’m not expecting any gifts aboard Meander this season. Or maybe I should say the gifts will be new fuel injectors, a repaired propeller, and the fuel lines my husband replaced. But if I was giving Honey gifts, here’s what I’d do.

Dumb Ass Dog Owners

The off-leash dog ran down the hill like she was on fire. Her person yelled her name impotently. She might as well have not been there for the attention the dog paid to her. The object of the pup’s attention was a man walking his dog at the bottom of a long hill. Running as […]

Meet the Pet Blogger – The Pamela Edition

Is there anything S’Waggers don’t already know about me? Because I’m not exactly a closed book. On the other hand, I have a few dog-related stories I would love to share but don’t have the nerve. And I try to stay on topic so you won’t find me writing here about other things that interest […]

I’m So Ashamed

Lots of Shame to Go Around Our friends at Kol’s Notes and My Brown Newfies have turned the tables on the popular dog shaming website. Yep, it’s Human Shaming time. The dogs finally get their say. And it seems we are not worthy to live in their worlds.         Would your dog […]

Greco-Doggie Wrestling


The Contest

Guest Post from Michael. This morning, I give my wife a break by writing a guest post in which I explain the real reason behind her recently revealed opposition to the too-cute treatment of puppies: in short, so that mostly true stories like the one that follows are simply not allowed to happen to anyone […]

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