What Does a Blog Award Look Like in a Guy Fawkes Mask?

My dog Honey has never given me an award for blogging. She hasn’t created a nifty badge. She doesn’t ask me quirky questions. And she sure doesn’t tell other bloggers I’m groovy. She’d much rather reward my tugging, treat-giving, and walking. Luckily some folks in blogville like me. Or I might be stuck tugging, giving […]

Pamela is a Bad, Bad Blogger (Making Amends Editions #2 & 3)

Today I eat crow. Well, not really. Maybe crowfutti made from tofu? Anyway, I’m making amends for blog awards I’ve never properly acknowledged or for which I never sent appreciation to the givers. My last post passed along the You Are An Inspiration Award to ten special bloggers. Now I’m on to make amends to […]

Pamela is a Bad, Bad Blogger (Making Amends Edition #1)

And the winner is… If you spend any time in the blogosphere, you’ve probably noticed “Awards” making the rounds. Awards are how bloggers support and encourage each other. And the link currency doesn’t hurt either. I’ve been lucky enough to receive recognition for my work from some wonderful and kind bloggers. I try to return […]

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