The Beagle And The Beauty Queen – Tuesdays Tails

“Can I pet your dog?” “I love your dog. What’s her name?” “Ooh, she’s so beautiful. May I take a picture?” These are a few comments strangers make to us when we’re with Honey. It’s nice that people find her appealing. And Honey usually loves the attention. But it also worries me a little. Here’s why. Choosing A Dog […]

Helping A Dog Go From Fat To Fit

I’ve never had a fat dog. In fact, my friends from Slim Doggy had to point out to me that Honey was actually getting too skinny. But our new foster dog is a corpulent canine, a dense dog, a bulging beagle. Blanche is enormous. Beagles should weigh less than 30 pounds. Blanche weighs about 46 pounds, […]

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