When A Foster Dog Visits…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When a foster dog visits, things change. If the foster is a puppy, we reorganize the house—put dirty laundry behind closed doors, block off the stairs, and set up an exercise pen and crate. But even when the foster dog is a polite, adult dog who just needs a calm […]

What Makes a Dog Easy to Foster?

Despite my freaking out initial misgivings about her medical needs, Ginny has been an easy foster dog. I could see people lining up to adopt her. She’s cute petite easy to walk not a big barker house trained plays well with other dogs cuddly Oh, and did I mention she’s cute? What makes some dogs easy to […]

My Husband’s In Love With Another Girl – Wordless Wednesday

My husband’s in love with someone else. And it’s not the blond bitch he already snuggles in bed. This one’s a brunette.     Do you think I’ve lost him for good?   

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