Time For A Spa Day – Wordless Wednesday

We said goodbye to our latest foster puppy yesterday. And I think Honey could use a spa day.

Caption the Picture, Win a Prize – Wordless Wednesday

What is Honey thinking? Frosty Paws Giveaway I have two Frosty Paws gift packs to give away. Win coupons for two free packages of Frosty Paws treats for your dog and a Frosty Paws mascot for yourself. Just come up with one of the two best captions as decided by our impartial and very sexy […]

Do Dogs Blow Bubbles in the Bath? Train Your Dog Month Challenge

At the Honey Webster household, Train Your Dog Month ended not with a bark, but a whimper. And yet it was a big success. What were we trying to do? The Challenge The Association of Pet Dog Trainers issued a challenge: train your dog in January to build your bond. I loved the idea so […]

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