My Dog Only Talks To Big Dogs

Do you remember the scene in 101 Dalmatians where the dogs passed along the news of the stolen puppies by barking at twilight? Well if Honey had been one of the dogs in the movie, those puppies would never have been found. Because my dog Honey only talks to big dogs.

Sometimes It’s Okay To Reply To Your Dog’s Bark

My husband is outside shoveling snow. I’m upstairs writing. Honey, who just finished breakfast, is downstairs barking. What should I do? How should I reply to my dog’s bark?

The Sound Of His Bark

I’m glad Honey doesn’t bark much. When people come to the door, she’s silent. When a neighborhood cat visits us on the porch, nothing. Even the Jack Russell and his beagle brother who bark at everyone who walks by their house don’t get a rise out of her. But one sound gets Honey barking every time. When she […]

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