Bitey Face is Dog Thumb Wrestling – Wordless Wednesday

Have you ever watched a pair of dogs playing bitey face? No, I mean REALLY watched them. Are you aware that bitey face is really just thumb wrestling for dogs? One feints with his mouth open. The other tries to lure him in. Back and forth they go, teeth flashing, each one trying to draw […]

What Does Fostering Cost YOUR Dog?

The muddy throw rugs are coming out of the laundry. The dog toys are back where they belong. I’m taking down the temporary crate Bandit slept in. Things are getting back to normal. But Honey is still sad. Hard to Give Up a Foster Dog I’ve never written or read about fostering without hearing someone […]

Play to Your Strengths – Good for the Dog; Good for You

Some of the foster dogs we care for don’t like Honey. Or any dog, really. They tell her they don’t want to play. And she leaves them alone. But if you want to see Honey at her best, watch her when a playful dog comes to stay with us. Like Bandit, our current foster puppy. […]

Thinking of Getting a Puppy? Here’s What It’s REALLY Like!

Yeah, you know what puppies are like. Big eyes. Scrunchy little faces. Round bellies. Cuddly. Feet smell like corn chips. But do you know what they’re like once you get one home? I’m going to tell you. Meet the Puppy Luckily, I just happen to have a test puppy in my home. Bandit is a […]

Muddy Paw Prints – (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Every morning it snows. Every afternoon the snow melts. The yard is a mucky mess. I’ve found muddy paw prints on the following places: couch bedspread open door of the dishwasher my jacket sleeve and, my dog. Now how did that happen? Oh, now I understand.   Where’s the strangest place you ever found muddy […]

Make Allowances for Stress – Good for the Dog; Good for You

Short sentences. Don’t have long. Bandit, our new foster puppy, should be done chewing his bone in about… Oh, damn. Puppies = Stress Puppy breath causes amnesia. If it didn’t, dog breeders of all kinds would take up stamp collecting. Who wants an insatiably curious set of razor-sharp teeth with four feet and a tail […]

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