You’ve Come A Long Way, Puppy – Blog The Change For Animals

People who advocate for animals have a lot to despair about—the introduction of ag-gag laws, dogs dying in hot cars, and police shooting family pets. But if you don’t see things are getting better for animals, you need a history lesson. Yeah, I know some of you are saying, “I hated taking history in school.” […]

Want to Protect Animals? Care About People – Blog the Change for Animals

“I prefer my cat.” “My dog is better than 90% of all humans.” “I understand animals more than I do people.” You’ve heard comments like this. You’ve said comments like this. I know I have. But if we stay stuck in this mindset, we’re not helping animals. Humans are Animals Sure, we’ve risen to the […]

3 Ways I’d Really Change Dog Adoptions

After recovering from being burned in effigy by readers offended by my Modest Puposal (BTW, if you found my post offensive, don’t read the Jonathan Swift piece that inspired it), I’d like to respond to the passionate comments. First off, every comment was made by a fabulous person who really cares about dogs and wants their […]

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