Shark Week The Way I’d Like To See It

Animal Planet is a big, fat tease. Whenever I go somewhere that has television, I look forward to catching It’s Me Or The Dog or Dogs 101. But do I ever see them? No! Because it’s always Shark Week. Or else they’re airing 20 Creepy Crawlies You Wouldn’t Invite To Dinner, over and over again. […]

Puppy Athletes

Thank you to Felissa at Two Little Cavaliers for posting this adorable video. One of my favorite things about dogs is their athleticism. And you get to see it in all its glory at the Puppy World Track and Field Championships.       Of course, my favorite sport is swimming. So I couldn’t allow the […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – It’s Football Season!

Well, I have to admit it. It’s actually winter. And football season. As long as someone is playing baseball, I remain in denial. They’re called the Boys of Summer, right? Who cares that the postseason has stretched into November and the players are wearing thermals under their uniforms (well, not this year, neither Texas nor […]

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