Agility – Why Should Dogs Have All the Fun?

As K9 Kamp Komes to a Klose (I am not going to miss all the K’s; there is a reason they’re worth 5 points in Scrabble) I find myself wondering what fitness really means. If you read through the posts of my fellow kampers, and even my own, you’ll find a heavy emphasis on aerobic […]

Rescue Dogs Show Off at Crufts

Crufts, Meet Scruffts Some of the best dogs in the world never knew their fathers. Rescue dogs bring heart, hope, and even speed to one of the largest dog shows in the world when they show off their agility skills. I don’t usually post such long videos on Friday. But you’ll find inspiring pups all […]

Adventure Dog In Training (with video)

Honey goes where we go. And we go by bicycle. And sailboat. What will it take to teach a Golden Retriever that fun adventures await if she rides in a bicycle cart or climbs aboard a sailboat? Some special training. And lots and lots of patience. Where the Training Began We had been clumsily introducing […]

You Can’t Do That! Oh Yeah? Watch Me!

Didja ever notice there’s no shortage of people telling us we can’t do something? Well I like surprises—people and animals that do awesome things because they don’t know they’re not expected to do them well. I’ve been seeing more dog adoption descriptions that note a dog as being suited to agility work. They’re always mixes […]

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