6 Tips To Get Your Dog Ready For Adventure

Regular Something Wagging readers know we’re getting our dog Honey ready to live aboard a sailboat. Many of the things we’re doing for Honey might help you even if the only adventure you’re planning is a trip to the vet, a long drive, or a kayak trip across a pond. Here are a few of […]

Go On An Adventure With Your Dog

It may not surprise you that I think every person should go on an adventure with her dog. But just what is an adventure anyway? And can every person take one?

Traveling By RV vs Traveling By Sailboat

My husband and I call RVs land yachts. Our friends who roll down the highways have a lot in common with our friends who sail the seas. But is traveling by RV really like traveling by sailboat?

What Are My Favorite Dog Blogs? #1

I used to have a listing of my favorite dog blogs. Then Google Reader went away taking my blog roll with it. I’ve meant to create a list of the different blogs I follow but, let’s face it, anything that’s harder than pasting in code from my blog reader will take some time. So rather […]

Pet Travel Book Club: Four Camels, a Woman, and a Dog Walk Into a Desert…

A Voyage of Discovery When she was 27 years old, Robyn Davidson set out from Alice Springs in Australia to walk 1700 miles to the Indian Ocean. She had something to resolve deep within herself. And she was willing to risk her life to do it. But Davidson didn’t go alone. She took her loving […]

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