The Best Thing About Fostering Dogs No One Talks About

Update: Layla just went home with her name family a short time ago. They’re a wonderful couple with a large, mellow lab/hound mix. Everyone will have an adjustment period but I suspect they’ll be very happy together. We all know about the joys of puppy breath. The feeling of satisfaction from helping a suffering dog. And […]

Who is Helped More By Shelters?

They’ve solved problems for me. They’ve helped me help others. And they’ve brought me joy beyond measure. Who am I talking about? Animal shelter staff and volunteers. It’s National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week It’s obvious that shelters and rescues help animals. They keep them off the streets, find them good homes, provide medical […]

When A Less Adoptable Dog is More Adoptable

The Less Adoptable Dog If Chérie, our foster pup, had found herself in a shelter making tough decisions about how to use their resources, she would not have made it out alive. She had a few strikes against her. Chérie was in heat, necessitating a more challenging spaying surgery feared everyone and everything and was nearly […]

Supporting Change for Companion Animals

I’ve changed a lot since I first brought Agatha and Christie home from the Philadelphia SPCA in 1991. Yes, I’m fatter and older. But not just that. I’ve learned so much about building a relationship with my dog. It’s made living with dogs one of the most satisfying aspects of my life. But the reason […]

Educate, Don’t Intimidate – Blog the Change 4 Animals

I was excited. I was getting my first dog as an adult and could hardly wait. I dialed the number from the ad: “German Shepherd Rescue of Philadelphia has a handsome, two year old male looking for a home…” I told the woman who answered why I was calling. She started her list of questions […]

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