Puppy Puffery: Decoding Dog Adoption Descriptions

Shelters and rescue organizations walk a fine line. They present dogs needing homes in a positive light. But they don’t want to mislead prospective adopters about the dog’s real characteristics. What adoptive dog descriptions really mean If you’re considering adopting a dog, here’s what to expect from the following descriptions: A great running partner Plan […]

Wordless Wednesday – Meet Adoptable Boomer in Upstate NY

Boomer – Hound/Great Pyrenees Mix

Wordless Wednesday – A Wordy Introduction to Adoptable Dogs

AJ over at PupLove has been a tireless supporter of dog adoption. I’ve never participated in the popular Wordless Wednesday feature but I’ve decided to follow AJ’s example and use Wednesdays to promote local dogs looking for homes. In the best case, the picture will get tweeted, facebooked, and emailed around until it ends up […]

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