How To Adopt The Perfect Dog

How do you find the perfect dog for you? On reflection, I’m finding the process pretty similar to buying a boat. No, really. Keep reading and see if you don’t agree by the end.

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Get Another Dog

“I’ll never have another dog. It hurts too much to lose them.” I hear that sometimes from people I meet. But I don’t understand it. For me, any pain is worth suffering to enjoy the love of a dog. But that doesn’t mean it’s smart to rush out in your grief and adopt a new […]

Adoptable Charlotte in Central NY

Charlotte the Adoptable German Shepherd                                       This is a blog hop. Hop on…  

Wordless Wednesday – Adopt Daisy in Central NY

Small enough to go anywhere with you, I’d make a great companion to a single person or couple without kids. I prefer not to share and who can blame me? I’m a princess! Daisy

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