Surprise! Wordless Wednesday

My dog Honey is timid. She’ll hang back. Size something up.

She always looks before she leaps.


Honey the golden retriever jumped on a table.

Surprise! I bet you never thought I’d jump up on your work table.

One minute I’m working on a craft project for a future blog post. The next minute I have a curious dog standing on my workspace.

Since when did my dog become a super hero? And does this mean my craft project has the Honey Paw of Approval?

Your Turn: When was the last time your dog surprised you? What did he or she do?

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  1. Margaret T. says:

    My one year old golden retriever decided that I had taken up too much space on the couch (I was lying on it), so she bounded on up to the top of the back and lay there like a cat. Then she realized that she could look out the windows and see both the street and the next door neighbor’s backyard, so she does it regularly now. The only problem is that she takes her bone up there to chew on while she watches, and occasionally it drops behind the couch. Then we have sad eyes, alternating with a nose shoved down behind the couch, a rush over to where I’m sitting at the computer to tap me with her paw, and an impatient bounce back up onto the couch.

  2. She is the supreme helper.

  3. Uh oh.. Someone had a curious whim. Super Honey!

  4. Just today, Duster decided to throw good manners to the wind and steal a muffin paper from the end table beside my chair. Right in front of us, at that. I had just put it down and usually he knows not to touch such items. Guess he had a weak moment.

  5. We don’t surprise Mom much, but we are good at surprising others.

  6. i like to surprise mummy every now and again by waking her up in the middle of the night:-)

  7. Does being a good girl ALL day count? Ducky has been very good all day today, and that is a pleasant surprise!

  8. Leaped in my lap when I was trying to work on a camera lens. I guess that was his way of telling me he didn’t feel like taking any pictures at that moment! LOL