Summer is Coming – Wordless Wednesday

Summer is coming.

Yeah, but it’s coming as slow as this lazy creek.

Your Turn: Are you lost in summer fantasies? Or is winter fine with you?
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  1. We are lucky to have summer all year round.. with the occasional lotta rain on some months :) Your summer will be flowing in real soon!

  2. I’m always stuck in “warmer weather” fantasies! Once that first warm day hits, we’re out there and will seek EVERY opportunity to do so until the “extreme” heat starts, then I have to adjust our schedule to very early morning or late evening. Noah has the shiniest black coat and he doesn’t do well in the high heat/humidity we have here. I don’t enjoy the cold at all, by the time I dress for it, I should be back from our walk. :) And, it can be dangerous.

  3. We love winter! The extreme cold of -25 in the morning with the dangerous wind chills puts a damper on the fun but we would choose that over +40 right now. We hope to keep cold and snow until mid to late March. It is actually our favorite season, summer is our least favorite because we dogs and Mom don’t care for extreme heat.

  4. I don’t like to rub it in, but it’s kind of always summer here. Rainy season, if we have one, may start soon, so then I’ll complain.

  5. Ugh. I don’t think that reminder helps – seems so far away!
    My strategy is to embrace winter.
    And also remember that if we didn’t have a good, long, cold winter, we’d have giant bugs. I’ll take the snow over spiders the size of dinner plates any day!

  6. I’m pretty Ok with the winter we are having. But I feel really bad for everyone else.

  7. I’m finding a surprisingly peaceful respite in these winter months with Ruby’s reactivity. Although I’m a Colorado native I’ve never really made friends with the snow and cold weather, but now I almost welcome a freezing, snow-blown day knowing that we’ll be the only ones out in it! Come summer, we’ll once again have joggers, cyclists and skateboarders to contend with on every walk.

  8. I love winter! It’s the summer in Phoenix that keeps us indoors!

  9. Bring on the summer! Last night I walked the dogs–an abbreviated walk because it was below zero–and by the time we got back inside I thought my fingers and toes were frozen right off. The dogs seemed fine though. I love sitting in the sun. I might even get that SAD thing, Seasonal Affective Disorder!

  10. Great summer photo in the mist of the deep freeze.

  11. Bring it on! We’ve been ready for summer since, well, the end of September! 😉

  12. As long as it’s not raining all the time (like it’s doing this week), winter is great! There’s mud puddles galore.

  13. We’ve actually enjoyed these few cold days we’ve been having here… but I sure could use a lot more sun!! The dogs and I are ready to get back to walking in the daylight. All this dark gets depressing!

  14. I’m waiting for snow!!

  15. Winter is fine with me — and with Callue, Shadow, and even Ducky! Ducky does zoomies around the yard to warm up; and the clean, crisp, cold air invigorates Callie & Shadow. Me? I’d rather be able to put on more layers to keep warm than to be limited in the number of layers I can take off to stay cool (outside at least).

  16. I usually enjoy a bit of winter, but at this point, I am SO over it! Bring on Spring!

  17. That’s a great photo! Having just moved from the UK to San Francisco, I’m not complaining about the weather – feels like summer already to me! :-)

  18. We’re having crazy warm summery weather right now, so I’m kinda looking forward to a little cold and rain for a change!

  19. I’m a snow dog. I love the cold and snow. The dogs and I melt in the summer heat. :)

  20. Woo hoo I can’t wait!!

  21. That looks glorious :)

  22. If winter could just be lots of snow on the ground to play and snowshoe in, and we could skip the bitter cold and freezing rain, I’d be good with it!