Sufi the Bear

Here’s a real weekend treat. Spend a few minutes with Sufi the Bear.

But Pam, this is a dog blog. Why the bear video?

Yes, I know it’s 14 minutes long. But what else are you going to do with that time? Watch a Seinfeld rerun?

Oh, and don’t forget to stop by the Talented Animals blog to look around. They don’t post often but when they do publish, the post is thought provoking. This is one blog worth adding to your feed reader.

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  1. So cute!

  2. Good God, that is incredible! I adore the OK Go video, but Sufi is to die for.

    • Talented Animals are some pretty amazing trainers. And if you read their blog, they bring an outspoken and unique perspective to living with animals.

  3. Oh my gosh, I’m totally in love with Sufi! This is just amazing. And I never get enough of the OK Go video! :)

    Great list post! I couldn’t help but laugh about walking a bear on a leash, I definitely need to get working with my dog on that point!

  4. Bears have actually long been my favourite animal. I think they are endlessly fascinating and I love to watch them in documentaries. I’ve always said, if I can come back as an animal, I would want to come back as a bear. And not just because they get to hibernate. 😉

    I’ve been following the Talented Animals Blog for a while, probably since you first posted about it, and I agree that it is a must-read.

    Happy Friday!

    • We’re a very bear-friendly household thanks to my husband. Polar bears are his particular favorite but he insisted on watching the entire Sufi video this morning before rushing off to work.

  5. Adorable video. I’d be very interested to see how Sufi does as an adult bear with all that love and training. Hope there’s a follow-up someday! Thanks for posting this :)

  6. Vey Interesting I never knew bears where trained the same as dogs..

    • The crazy thing is that all kinds of animals are being trained with positive reinforcement–chickens, cats, goldfish, dolphins, whales, dogs, bears, people… It’s what works.

  7. Thank you for the inspiration. I’m digging the clicker back out. If Sufi can learn using the clicker, Buster and I have some thing to work on!

  8. Sufi is unbelievably cute! The OK Go video is one of my all time favorites.

    Bunny will have you know that she has a lovely grasp of the English language and that she definitely knows all the important words! 😛

  9. Sat down and watched the video this morning and now I want a bear. Hubby is resistant to another dog, how do you think the bear will go over?

  10. Love it. I didn’t realize how closely dogs and bears were related. It makes the story about the woman defending her bear from a dog a little more intriguing, like protecting a child from their older cousin that’s picking on them. If you didn’t see that story, I wrote about it last week (i think)

  11. There’s a reason our country is so in love with the stuffed bear. I used to watch the show Grizzly Adams and dream of having a Grizzly friend like “Ben.” They are fascinating animals. (My cat Eva – minus the cat face – actually reminds me of a bear cub; her coat is so thick and bear-ishly colored. I melt nearly every time I get my hands on her.)