Stop SOPA/PIPA from Passing

Wondering what that means? Watch the video than take action.

Think it doesn’t affect you? How about that cute adoption video that uses copyrighted music without permission?

Now, companies have the right to take down content if the creator does not have permission to use the music. If this law passes, you could have your blog shut down just for posting a video with copyrighted material.

I will be on strike Wednesday, January 18 to demonstrate my abhorrence for this bad law that protects corporate profits but does nothing for individuals creating intellectual property.

Join me and make your voice heard.

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  1. I will not be posting tomorrow either though it is a normal day to post. We have fewer rights than ever before.

    • Thank you Roberta. WordPress offers plugins that can blackout your site or put a black censorship ribbon on it. I don’t know if Blogger has similar things. Google has agreed to put a notice about SOPA on their page tomorrow.

      I hope the outrage is enough to keep this legislation from resurfacing in a new form.

  2. Hmmmmm….. I heard Wikipedia was closing up shop for the day. I think maybe I should too.

    • Yep, and Firefox and Reddit and lots of other big sites.

      Imagine playing with your dogs and cats instead of blogging could be a form of protest!

  3. Hi Pamela, I just came from Kim Clune’s post where a comment was left that President Obama has stepped in to quash it? [I read it – a Forbes article.] I just heard about SOPA on this morning’s news :( Let’s hope O’s intervantion works and it doesn’t resurface. Will the blackout protest continue you think?

    • My reading of the President’s statement didn’t seem definite enough to me. I suspect the language will be tweaked a bit and then they’ll try to add the legislation onto another bill that’s so important that no one will want to vote against it.

      That’s the way politics works here, unfortunately.

      And, yes, the blackout is still scheduled.

      • came back to look at the vid. shall share this on FB since it definitely would impede [fun] sharing of vids there!

        • I think that even if SOPA dies, PIPA or some other piece of legislation will remain. It wouldn’t surprise me if SOPA was the lightning rod designed to draw fire so that the “less objectionable” law that follows will look better in comparison. As Pamela noted, that’s how the game is played…

          • I’ve heard a lot of people mention the Obama statement, but here’s the problem: The president can’t squash a bill that’s still on the congressional floor. The checks and balances of our government won’t allow it. Yes, he has veto power, but it has to be applied in the right instances.

  4. It’s a fine balance between protecting copyrighted material and not going after the “person on the street” who isn’t benefiting financially from this “stolen” material. Did you know that the song “Happy Birthday” is still under copyright? But no one is going around policing kids’ birthday parties.

    • I’ve seen documentaries where they had to wipe out the audio when people sang Happy Birthday because the filmmaker couldn’t afford the rights.

      I understand the importance of protecting intellectual property. I used to be in charge of rights and reproductions for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Toward the end of my tenure I started getting requests from large textbook publishers to license our images for “universal” uses for technologies that had yet to be invented. Crazy!

      Copyright in the hands of huge corporations has become a joke. The Disney Corporation has managed to extend its copyrights far past the original 75 year provision.

      • I’m all for protecting IP, but it’s all about balance. The potential chilling effect of a law this broad is a real threat to freedom of expression.

  5. Thanks again for spreading the word. I don’t pay nearly as much attention to US politics as I used to. Unfortunately, they affect me more than I wish to believe. That fact bothers me almost more than this ridiculous piece of legislation. The idea of putting companies before human beings is shocking. Hopefully it stops here. I have a Google search going for WordPress plugins as I type this comment.

  6. I think this is something we are going to have to fight tooth and nail, and that it will be back. With corporate greed taking over so many other things, we just cannot let them get their claws into the internet. It’s bad enough that something created for free has become something for the government to raise money on. I found the plug in today, but I don’t have a good post to go along with it. Kudos to you!

  7. Your activism and that of others seems to have made a difference! I tried to black out my blog, but apparently the task required web skills beyond my own :)

  8. I am so glad to see you posting this. I work in media, and let me tell you: SOPA/PIPA is a HUGE deal, and many pet bloggers don’t know about it or the importance of it. I’ve tried to spread the word to my friends, and I’m glad to see that you have too!

    It’s also great to see all of the comments from people who want to learn about it now, or who are already taking a stand. I actually got mauled via web from an angry pack of mommy bloggers for mentioning SOPA/PIPA in what I now refer to as their inner sanctum of mean girl-ness on a blog. (You can read about it in my latest post). It’s good to see that other bloggers (and pet bloggers, woot!) are much more enlightened!